I've been with orchard bank now for about five years and they still refuse to give me a credit increase...like everyone else I got the card to build my credit and since its over seven hundred ...I've made my payments on time and hardly ever use more than 25% of my credit... OB refuses to give me a increase...I can get credit everywhere and I have a pretty good income the funny thing is my wife have a card with them and she got a nice increase and my credit is better than hers....as for as I'm concern OB can F_ _K off...I'm done with those D_ _KS!!!!!

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Marina Del Rey, California, United States #674747

Lol adding a bunch of periods......to your comment does not make it any less ridiculous.

to S0_Sad Los Angeles, California, United States #641814

Okay how about this? Grammatical issues or no, the original poster is accurate. Orchard Bank's credit increases are simply non-existent. I've had their card for over 6 years, never missed a payment, always paid two to three times minimum, and have only gotten one $100 increase over the life of the account. I had to call in and complain for that increase.

A Rewardzone card I got from the same bank, HSBC, started with the same limit ($300) and has gone up to over five times that in the same period.

The Orchard Bank mastercard is flotsam. And my grammar is fine.

to S0_Sad Tehran, Tehran, Iran #643221

Yesss,,,, thanks for your insight and helpfulness Mr/Mrs "S0_Sad" (in pants, I presume). We all know that we should trust in a Harvard grad...even if it is "Harvard, Illinois"......

ROFL Now *** off.

Summer's Eve.

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