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orchard bank is the worst card i have ever had!!!!!! i have had it for four years. every month i send them my payment and then some

they take all of it. for ex if i send in 30.00 and the minimum due is 15. they take the payment and the rest for interest. So just when I think I have enough to get some gas, I don't because they take it all!!

what a mistake getting this card. Worse company I ever dealt with!!!!! I would also like to deal with an AMERICAN.not a foreigner. end

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I have this CC also...if you read the fine print,there are no surprises-a CC Company,has a right to apply any payment towards interest-on your outstanding balance-you have to IN WRITING,state that if you send more than the minimum payment,request the amount over be applied to the PRINCIPLE! Companies will not do this automatically! A REALLY bad company to deal with,is Capitol One...


typically when extra money is sent you have to see if they will let you set up arrangements to apply it to the pricipal or otherwise yes they will apply it to interest automatically, i dealt with that with my car paymemt a few years back. I thought I made a double payment but its typical policy to apply anything extra to interest

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