Fredericktown, Ohio

My wife is an avid reader. She reads 3-5 books a day and has 5 e-readers.

She downloads 8-10 books at a time. We were on vacation and they are trying to call us because of a flux in usage on the card. My wife had downloaded 12 books charging orchard bank. They were not expensive books - light romances that she could read in the car.

It came to a total of $86. We had a good balance and have never been late with a payment but they froze our account because they could not reach us to see if we stole the card because of high usage. (Believe me - if I stole a card - I would not be downloading "THE BILLIONAIRE'S MISTRESS") My wife uses her Citibank card and I use the Orchard Bank card when we go out and I became so embarrassed when playing golf with my peers that I was declined. I had to borrow the money to play from my friend!

After calling Orchard, they acted like they did me a favor because they were diligent with security.

We quickly removed Orchard from Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble and Apple. Never again will I be embarrassed with a company like them!~

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