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I had poor credit in the past so I decided to try to improve it, and signed up for an Orchard Bank $300 credit card. Everything was going fine at first, they even increased my limit to $1000 after around a year.

In one of the bills they sent an offer from a subsidiary company of theirs which gave a savings bond in exchange for signing up for a trial membership in a plan that purported to save you money at various businesses. Once signed up and seeing that every business was located over 100 miles away from me, I called and began what ended up being over a 13 month ordeal to cancel the "free" trial membership. After being handed from one person on the phone to another, all claiming they did not have the authority to help cancel the program, one of them said I would be sent vouchers I could use at certain gas stations to offset the costs of the program. Once the vouchers came and I saw that those weren't what they claimed to be ALSO, I tried again to close the membership, finally resorting to calling Orchard Bank itself where someone informed me it would be taken care of, but only after threatening to cancel my credit card.

It still was not taken care of, and they tried billing me for another $69 membership in the "saving" program, and I had to call HSBC again. This time they told me the charge was removed, and since I had a zero balance I told them I was closing my account.

It currently shows on my credit report as "closed by customer request" in the good section of my report, but upon further investigation they also reported the card a year later for not paying the NEXT $69 annual card fee, even though the card was canceled. Now I have 2 bad reports on my credit report, one from Orchard banks mistake, and one from the company who purchased the "debt" from orchard bank 3 years later to try and collect it also, lol.

I recommend anyone who has an account with Orchard Bank to immediately close it, and verify it repeatedly.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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HSBC now shows on my report and no longer OBk,so, they state the acct was closed and included in my BK, but HSBC comes up oweing the EXACT same amt PLUS interest (200+)to current and this place in Chicago adds as negative every month on there but they claim the coll agency handling is not them. Weird, some SD, CA place is and they sold it to someone else?WTF? :(


Update on the situation so far:

After submitting a complaint on Experian's site and asking for an investigation, the company that bought the invalid debt from HSBC was removed, and HSBC updated the "BAD" part to show that they charged off $31. They STILL show that the date of the $31 charge off is almost a year after they report me as closing my account in good standing in the other section of my credit report.

Also Experian sent me a message saying that HSBC would like to talk to me about the $31. They can't go to ***, I never had an account with them a year after I closed my account, and not going to talk to them about it.

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